Recruiting: 3-year part-time research technician

13 September 2021

We are recruiting a 40% FTE (14hrs/week) Research Technician on our newly funded Human Frontier Science Program grant investigating the genetics and biomechanics of butterfly wing scale development.

This international and interdisciplinary project brings together expertise in physics and materials science with genetics and developmental biology to understand how intricately patterned nanostructures form on butterfly wings during development. An essential part of this project, which the technician would have primary responsibility for, is the maintenance of the butterfly stocks and the plants that they feed on at the University of Sheffield.

Primarily, the technician will be responsible for day-to-day maintenance of stocks of the butterfly Heliconius sara and their Passiflora host plants, and other butterfly species such as Vanessa cardui (the painted lady). They will also be responsible for coordinating others to assist with the necessary day-to-day maintenance tasks.

The position may also involve some molecular laboratory tasks such as preparing solutions, dissecting, fixing, staining and imaging developing butterfly wings and preparing protein and RNA extracts. Although a 12-month position in the first instance, the research grant is for three years, and the technician’s contract would likely be renewed for the duration of the grant. We ideally want someone interested in staying for the full 3-year duration.

Applicants should have experience in and an enthusiasm for working with insects and plants, with good organisational and problem-solving skills. Previous experience working in a laboratory environment is also essential.

Further information and to apply.

Closing date: 13 September 2021. Start date: 1 October 2021 (or as soon as possible thereafter)